BEAT THE JOKERS! A fun, addictive game of clock solitaire that lets you effortlessly learn multiplication tables as you play.

Can you get all the cards in position before you find the fourth joker?


  • NEW! Updated version that lets you choose how often you win, from random to always!!

  • Can be played as standard clock solitaire (using the 1x table), or to learn any of the times tables from 2x to 12x
  • Self-correcting
  • Ideal for reinforcing both multiplication AND division
  • A game of chance, making it motivating and addictive regardless of ability
  • A VISUAL way to learn tables that relies on spatial position and colour instead of counting through the table
  • Also teaches telling the time: play the 1x table to learn the hours and the 5x table to learn the minutes

Easy to Play

  • Simple to learn - no need to know times tables before you start
  • Automatically learn the tables as you play, without even trying
  • Learn where the answers go amazingly quickly
  • Each game takes minutes
  • For ages 6 to adult

Ideal for Dyslexia

  • A non-verbal way of learning times tables
  • Doesn't rely on phonological skills like rote repetition does
  • Using spatial positions makes sequencing easier
  • Multisensory - kinaesthetic, visual (colour) and spatial cues to memory